253469 creates, supports and promotes performance, audio, art films, art objects, exhibitions, events and collaborations with artists internationally.

Directed by Wes Rickert & Kathleen Reichelt.

253469 started as an art space at Bloor and Lansdowne, Toronto in 2009, where performance, exhibitions, and screenings were held.  After a two year occupation,  253469 nomadicsized, staging events in box truck rentals, garages, alleys and venues including CineCycle, The Garrison and The Trash Palace.  Filming continued at The Garage, Sterling Road and Art Zoo studios.

In 2014, 253469 moved and set up residence in eastern Ontario.  That same year the first 253469 production and feature length art film "Cold Iron Is A Titanic Comedy" toured across Canada, with screenings at artist run galleries and independent theatres.  Making our films continued with "The Road to Elsinore", an official selection for BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse FILM FEST 2016, an official selection for the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival 2017, and semi-finalist for the European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground), Moscow. "Reality River Snow Job" received Honorable Mention from the 2017 LA Underground Film Forum for contribution to cinema.

In 2017 the Thousand Islands Film & Stage Artist Residency was created for performers of film, stage and audio recording.  It is open to artists at all points of their careers. 

If you are interested in performing in our projects or developing your own, get in touch at 253469@gmail.com.  Our past residencies include artists performing in our feature length films, filming poetry performances, movement based workshops, artists working in photography and temporary installations, interviews with artists, workshopping theatre scripts, recording voice plays, sound and audio.  We have 3 artist guest rooms that can accommodate small groups with over night sleeping quarters on a short term basis, and a 1500 square foot studio building for multiple use projects.