Optimistic Landing

Optimistic Landing is an exhibit of large format paintings on paper, plastic and canvas accompanied by words and video created in the spring of 2010 @253469.

May 29 - June 12

Optimistic Landing is painting about play in the context of a largely pessimistic and cynical world. The paintings are water based and oil based paints on industrial weight kraft paper, stretched canvas and flexible plastic created over a three week period in April (the ideal month for optimism in Toronto!) I started painting on plastic after I found a discarded plastic poster at the side of the curb in the downtown core. I liked the effect, the transparency and smoothness of the material. I also painted on large pieces of heavy brown paper which I primed in ten foot lengths. I cut them to size when I was ready to apply colour. In the spirit of play I decided not to meticulously and evenly cut the edges. There are rips and tears that haven't been covered up or repaired. They are small signs of rebellion, happy imperfections and gestures of a playful toughness, well weathered, not delicate.

All of the oil paintings have the same palette of orange, purple, yellow, pink and green. The lines, drips, dribbles, scribbles, slops and strokes are energetic, necessary and new reflecting the organic, spontaneous and emotive qualities of play.  Play is an attitude in an organic process instead of a constructed one.

K Reichelt

The video is a collaborative creation by 253 & 469.