(above: Ullysses Castellanos,  ”I’m Too Sad To Tell You”)

(above: Nervous Breakdown)

The 253469 punk jazz noise band, Alpha Couple, Nervous Breakdown, Adolf Glitter, Ulysses Castellanos, PublicMachine, Jubal Brown, BLENDED SURPRISE and the DJ Abominable Hominid.

Carelessly blended audio, video screenings and intense performance made of whole art ingredients including dadaism, bi-lingualism, surrealism, post modernism, absurdism, punkism, glitterism, whacktivism, projectorism, popularism, curbism, circle-ism, line-ism, moonism, square-ism, noise-ism, funism, showism, pure-ism, intellectualism, couple-ism, dreamism, performerism(s).