March to Paris

Burning Iceberg and Fountain Enterprises performing in Paris

On August 2, 2013, in the gardens across from the Louvre, Burning Iceberg and Fountain Enterprises made a stage on the elevated terrace between Jardins des Tuileries and Jardin du Carrousel, a historical site at the front of the Tuileries Palace before it burned in 1870. 

Expressing the fountains of quiet elation, paper buildings and public poetry the Canadian artists slowly circled with ice on post-revolutionary spaces where thousands were drowned and beheaded.  

To declare quietly that all may see!
The individual is alive!
Conformity is the salt on your paper!
Suburbs are to be drowned and cities are to be snowed!
Art speaks for us!
We are living!
We are abstraction!
I sign my name to the sky!
I stir my river on your idols!
I sleep outside of museums!
Only some things are for coins!
The revolution is a hat on my head!

Photographs by Philippe Henry