The Critical Wake of Makemake

The Critical Wake of Makemake @ Fountain Enterprises
1261 Dundas St West, Toronto
an exhibition by Kathleen Reichelt and performance by art noise band 253469
Opening Party Thursday December 15, 2011 
9 pm

The Critical Wake of Makemake is an imagined manifestation conjured through abstraction and the yet un-realized vessel moving towards antirealism.  It is a fictional understanding communicated through a state of constant becoming.  It is created in order to claim its rightful place in the present.  The inheritance is colour and transparency, rituals and rites of masks, concealment and revealing.  Metaphors are forms as openings and objects conveying the relationships of struggle, power, ease and awkwardness through overlapping and propinquity.  Power can be seen as European realism still trumping other cultural, individual and philosophical alternatives.  Abstraction can be seen as the rejection to this that it was 70 years ago.

The Critical Wake of Makemake is also a live performance by the art noise band 253469 starting at 9pm on Thursday December 15th, using absurdist lyrics, analogue and digital synthesizers and a loud electric stick guitar.
Exhibition runs 12.15.11 - 01.25.12