"Burning Birch X 3"

Burning Birch X 3the Worldwide Film Festival of Short Art Films By Artists at the Trash Palace,
Saturday May 26, 2012, 9 - 11 pm

The defining characteristic of art is poetry.  For all the things that art can be, without poetry it is not.  

Burning Birch X3, the worldwide festival of short art films and videos by artists at the Trash Palace in Toronto May 26, was an evening of visual poetry.  Without a pre-selected theme, the program revealed a number of shared commonalities from contemporary artists around the world who work with film and video as an art form.  These include art as a sacred ritual, art as an expression of joy, as moving paintings and drawings.

Complete article here:  http://www.artoronto.ca/?p=11359

Photos by Christina Kozak and Kathleen Reichelt
Text by Kathleen Reichelt

Images of films in event ps, order from top to bottom:
Black Plastic Fork, Wesley Rickert, Toronto, Canada 2012
The Story of Thomas Edison, Aaron Zaghers, Winnipeg, Canada, 2011
Vertigo, Julia Weber, Paris, France, 2012
Imtra, Andreas Karaoulanis, Germany, 2012
Henry Banger Benvenuti, NYC expatriate, 2009